IOT - Smart System

Smart Locker

The Smart Locker can provide efficiency, which is no longer an administrative process for borrowing and returning tools.

Safety & Security

The Lock System uses an electromagnetic key combined with a system controller module. Lockers that can only be opened using Barcode, PIN, QR Code or RFID smart tags.

Flexibility & Scalability

With a locker size variant that can be tailored to the wishes and needs of the client. As well as supporting applications can also be adjusted to the needs.


Can be monitored in real time with applications that are developed on their own online web based, making tracking status easier.


  • Smart Locker can provide efficiency, and accountable
  • Remote monitoring of the Smart Locker operation
  • Monitoring all locations or locations where the smart locker is located
  • Simple and easy procedures
  • Network-based application and equipped with Web API (Application Programming Interface) to integrate into your company's system

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